the Cave Reverend
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Buck Board--click on each title for lyrics
No Man's Land
Get Out Alive
Girl of the Dell
Mr. Bassman
Born in the Bottom
Gomorrah Gals
Indian Summer
The Renegade
Rack Zabies
Brave Kite
Colonel Rabies
Born Again Bitch
The Better to Dream you with, My Dear
The Rain Behind Her Eyes
Grandpa's Gone
The Rockin' Harem Whores of Samarkand
The Cave Reverend
San Jacinto
Soma Coma
The Dance of the Nympho Nun
The Jolly Roger
The Volcano
Forgetting To Forget You
Fort Yesterday
Absolutely Obsolete
The Isle of Misfit Toys
Into the Night
The Witching Hour
To The Deep
The Crypt Tonight
No Man's Land
Formula Female
Surf Sinister
Disgruntled Jones
The Ill Eagle
Circuses and Bread
The Last Day
The Sailing Moment
If You've Never
Keep Your Distance
The Backroom
The Knight in the Cloister
The Great Measure
The Conspiracy of Tomorrow
The Gorgons or the Graces?
Can't Get Back Home
Country Girls
Buddy Froggy and the Crickets play the Pond
Buddy Froggy and the Crickets, inst.
Death of Rowdy, with Wishbone on harmonica
Voodoo Chile
Hey Joe
Red House
The Wind Cries Mary
Manic Depression
Day of the Eagle
The Ballad of Johnny Smoke