the Cave Reverend
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Indian Summer

Short Song Description:
The term "Indian Summer" refers to unseasonably warm weather in late fall, or a warm spell in between cold periods. Hence, it is a brief respite, an undeserved period of grace before the end.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
The day to the night
Is losing its race,
Way down into Autumn
The sun warms my face,
Its my Indian Summer--
An undeserved grace.

The leaves not yet fallen
Although they've all turned,
I look back with a fondness
For all that I've yearned,
Its an Indian Summer
And one I've not earned.

Indian Summer came to lend
Cause I've nothing left to spend
The time I never found--
The squandered sun seeps in the ground.

Indian Summer gave to me
One last season to be free.
Of laughter or to mourn,
Both price and spoils of being born.

The robins are resting
On their get-away flight,
I'm reconciled to lost battles
Without renouncing the fight,
Its my Indian Summer
One more kiss before night.

Into all their eyes
I take a last look
At all that I've cherished
And overlooked
They're helping me pay
For all that I took.