the Cave Reverend
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Gomorrah Gals

Performance Credits: Zack the Elder, drums
Short Song Description:
As childless women near the age of menopause I often wonder if they fall victim to the regrets laying in ambush.
Story Behind the Song:
Sodom was a city of homosexual men and Gomorrah of lesbians.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Buffalo gals,
Gomorrah pals,
Won't you come out tonight?
To dance in the moonlight?

Gomorrah gals,
Will your mom allow,
You to come out with me to play?
What will the neighbors say?
Frolicking in the light of day?

Gomorrah gals,
Do you disavow,
The spinster's fallow tragedy?
Never to decorate a nursery?
Or sit a child on Santa's knee?