the Cave Reverend
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Death of Rowdy, with Wishbone on harmonica

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An allegory of honor, disgrace, and the subsequent search for redemption--and finally, a wistful resignation.
Long Song Description:
Rowdy Yates, lead wrangler in trail boss Gil Favor's band, Rawhide, was a very promising cowboy until he led the rest of the group in a mutiny, driving Mr. Favor into a South American exile where he drowned. Rowdy, immediately taking over the trail boss duties, lost control of the herd, stampeding it and most of his men over a cliff. He subsequently, as an outcaste hated by all and adopting the name Clint Eastwood, hit the trail searching for his lost dignity--riding the ranges, deserts and plateaus of his past, always certain that his former glory lay just beyond the next vista. There is no sadder tale in all of TV cowboydom.
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