the Cave Reverend
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Born in the Bottom

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A fertile land, a rotting time
Sprouting men with that type mind
Bitter fruit denied sunshine
If you're born in the bottom.

Born in the Bottom
The first days of Autumn
The misbegotten
Just behind, the growing time
Born in the bottom.

Splicing dreams on a poison vine
Grafted men to rise entwine
Through your veins and up your spine,
If you're born in the bottom

Born in the Bottom A land rich but rotten
A feral garden Blocked sunshine, nowhere to climb Born in the bottom

A cypress sat him on his knee
And whispered phony prophecies
About a man always living free
If he's born in the bottom.

Born in the bottom
That's what it taught him
That's how they caught him
Trying alone to get back home
Back to the bottom

His daddy's shotgun to his chest
His mom's last mayhaw to his cheek pressed
The legacy of the dispossessed
Born in the bottom.

Born in the bottom
The last days of Sodom
To Edith not forgotten
Turned to look and got stuck
The mud's deep in the bottom.