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The Conspiracy of Tomorrow

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The moral of the Pandora story ( that hope is a good thing ) is, I feel certain, a modern misinterpretation of the meaning intended by the ancient Greeks. By palliating our misery over our misfortunes with the chance for a better tomorrow, hope prevents us from feeling the sense of immediacy needed to take positive steps to alleviate our condition. This song is about this and the consequences, through hope, of not seizing the day. Hope is basically a powerful narcotic and as such is a "second-hand charm against sorrow" compared to the results a man will get by standing up to his problems and having it out, no matter how hard the fight.
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The conspiracy of tomorrow,
The damnation of a dreamÃ?Â?
Second-hand charms against sorrowÃ?Â?
Pandora's philanthropy,
Each day less on which to borrowÃ?Â?
Pawn tokens left unredeemed.

The stabbing regret of time squandered,
An old girlfriendÃ?Â?s wedding day.
The felling of woods where you once wandered,
A yard where you used to play.
Wincing at visions unconjured
Of children there leaping and gay.

A ball player sees a ball landing,
Popping out of his hand,
Caught but for his grandstanding,
Now years since he saw it land.
At midnight an old man bystanding
In deserted centerfield stands.