the Cave Reverend
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Mr. Bassman

Lyric Credits: Buck, Jimmy
Music Credits: Buck, Jimmy, Zack the Elder
Performance Credits: Buck, Jimmy, Zack the Elder
Story Behind the Song:
It takes a particular, savage type freak to be a proper bassman.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Mr. Bassman, play that line,
Bloody your fingers,
Break your spine.
Gouge your eyes,
You might as well be blind.
Mr. Bassman, play that line.

Mr. Bassman, will you climb
The fretted stairway
To the sublime?
To the top
To see what you'll find?
Mr. Bassman, play that line.

Quasimodo on a run
Under the bells
After a nun.
Screaming in Latin
She's come undone
But you're deaf and dumb.
Quasimodo's on a run

A four string bow
For a hunch back,
Chose the belfry
Never looked back.

Mr. Bassman pay no mind
To the harmony or rhyme.
Mr. Bassman play that line.