the Cave Reverend
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The Ill Eagle

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Man destroys himself with his own laws. He willingly renounces his freedom in an attempt to abolish danger from the world. Danger and freedom are Siamese twins that can't be seperated without killing the patient, no matter how well-meaning the surgeon.
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Low in the sky, it's the ill eagle,
Struggling to fly, it's the ill eagle.
He once was majestic and regal,
Now he's clipped his wings to try to be bipedal.

No fire in his eye, it's the ill eagle,
No screech but a sigh, it's the ill eagle.
Stopped flapping his wings, wants to coast like a seagull
And playing with those childish toys, good and evil.

Now the sky's been cleared of all eagles.
The sparrow's moved in along with the weasel.
My father gave me the talons of freedom
But there's nothing now left worthwhile that is legal.