the Cave Reverend
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Disgruntled Jones

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About dumb bastards that go nuts and kill strangers when they discover that life is crummy. In other words, what most people accept as a given, flips them out when the truth finally penetrates their thick skulls.
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I'm Disgruntled, Disgruntled Jones,
Got brain trouble, full blown.
The doctor says there's something
Not quite right with my hormones.
But they'll remember one thing--
That I'm Disgruntled, Disgruntled Jones.

I'm Disgruntled, Disgruntled Jones,
I'm a loser so you'll have to atone.
A girl in first grade told me
That I could not walk her home.
But I'll get even someday
When I'm the famous Disgruntled Jones.

I'm Disgruntled, to the bone,
My growth's been stunted, my mind's ingrown.
Everybody's satisfied
And I'm here all alone,
But I'll make them all realize
That I'm Disgruntled, Disgruntled Jones.