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The Crypt Tonight

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This dope can't figure out that his girlfriend is actually an undead ghoul of some unspecified variety. An allegory about the inability of men to judge women accurately once they become dazzled. It is also a terribly nasty song that Buck and Rabies forced me to write at flame thrower point.
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Let me come in, your crypt tonight,
The marble's cool, the quarters tight.
Your skin's as pale as the moonlight.
One more kiss before daylight.
Let me come in, your crypt tonight

Your black cat is guarding
The entrance to your room.
The daggers of the dawn
Blocking your exit from the tomb.
You're wearing the perfume
Of the vault upon your breast,
Your winding sheet the easier
To help you get undressed,
In your crypt tonight.

Let me uncover your crypt tonight,
Before we're discovered by daybreak's light.
I'm not like the others, it'll be alright.
I feel you shudder at morning's twilight
Let me come in, your crypt tonight

Are you afraid the sun
Will show the grey that's in your hair?
I know you're not a girl
From the old fashions that you wear.
Or is it that your dad
Won't let you leave unchaperoned
I don't care, I only know
You're waiting in the dark for me alone.
In your crypt tonight.