the Cave Reverend
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To The Deep

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Frequently, especially as we get older--and weaker--we are horrified to discover that some of our most cherished memories are becoming a hindrance, perhaps even a direct threat to our continued existence. We must then either lighten our load or risk losing the ship entirely. When such a catastrophe occurs we initially will look for assistance from outside ourselves, but with this type of problem all of us are on our own (captain's in his coffin...first command at last) which is what we all think we want anyway. But we find that with command comes dreadful decisions--who to save and who to let perish in order to save the ship. I'm hoping our sacrificed memories will understand, as they eternally rest in the communal grave with their forgotten brethren.
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A typhoon on the horizon--
tomorrow's coming fast.
Dumping out my baggage--
a farewell to my past.

Solemnly committing her memory to the deep,
Slowly to the bottom, sinking safely out of reach.

To the deep.
To the deep,
Where I'm hoping she finally will sleep.

The captain's in his coffin,
and the cook's tied to the mast.
The mate's drunk in his cabin--
my first command at last.

Desperately I'm flinging my treasures overboard,
Lightening the burden for a chance to reach the shore.

To the deep.
To the deep,
Where I'm hoping that some day we'll meet.

The gale of time keeps turning
our faces from the vast,
Fearless of the future,
but a coward to the past.

Frantically I'm emptying my chest over the side,
Will she understand why I had to say goodbye?

To the deep.
To the deep,
Where I'm hoping that there her ghost will sleep.