the Cave Reverend
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Civilization discovered long ago that a man that snivels is a much more tractable and thus more valueable member of society than a man that fights. The men that fight against rules and laws, that perhaps unintentionally but in effect crush independence, are designated criminals and outlaws. The men that merely snivel about them (and everything else) are honored as decent citizens. The laws meant to save us from ourselves end up destroying us, because they deny the spirit of freedom. ( She'll poison me, so I won't get infected)
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Let me get back to snivilization,
Back to the land of steer-ilization.
Safer to live where there's no living allowed,
Citizen slaves,freeway driven cows.

No smoking
No drinking
No talking
No thinking

The land of faithless libations--snivilization.

I want to live with Anna Antiseptic,
She'll poison me so I won't get infected.
Her diaphragm's the end of a plumber's helper.
Her husband slept in rubber gloves in case he ever felt her.

No smoking
No drinking
No talking
No thinking

The land of cattle congregations--snivilization.