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Into the Night

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When a person begins to deviate from the well trodden path that society sets for its normal, productive members, he will at some point discover that while there is freedom traveling away from the highway, there is also some very rough going. He will find things that initially help him through the difficult passages. The daytime represents the real world--the world as it is and not as it should be. The bright light savagely exposes the ugliness and discomfort of the world (the heat, garbage in the street) which nightfall mercifully washes away like gentle, cool tides. But not facing up to the everyday reality of life has dreadful consequences--what you initially think is an answer becomes a pit from which escape is very difficult.
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In broad daylight, I fell into the night,
Lost my way, and stumbled over the day.

Stepping round, daytime's rocky ground,
Slipped and fell into night's cool well.

But at the time it felt right
When I fell into the night.

Loud guitars, in purple smokey bars,
Whiskey girls, lost to the world.

Hard as nails, but arms soft and frail,
Hiding out, I found I could not climb out.

At the time it felt right
When I fell into the night.

The noontime's heat, the garbage in the street,
Sickened hearts, all covered by the dark.

To forget, I fell back into the net,
Never cared, it might also be a snare.

And I thought that I was right
When I fell into the night.