the Cave Reverend
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Absolutely Obsolete

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The vast majority of the species that have inhabited earth are now extict. It is simply a matter of time before any particular life form becomes obsolete. In a society changing as rapidly as ours, we see many objects, once useful, dumped on the scrap heap, including men.
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"Absolutely obsolete",
That's what my gal said in her sleep.
Threw my books out into the street,
To make room for her new girl freak.
I'm just one more thing that's obsolete.
Absolutely obsolete.

"Absolutely obsolete",
The judge said as he sentenced me.
"Bailiff, dispose of properly,
This non-refundable empty."
A free man today is obsolete,
Absolutely obsolete.

"Absolutely obsolete",
I tell myself now finally.
Hobby horses or the factory,
Believe me now its better off to be,
Half- alive than fully obsolete,
Absolutely obsolete.