the Cave Reverend
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The Volcano

Performance Credits: Zack, the Elder
Short Song Description:
A person's (including and especially ourselves') future behavior can best be predicted by his past, no matter what he says (or what we tell ourselves).
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Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
The craters I have remind me,
And the villagers that have fled,
That there once was a volcano,
And I'm afraid it's playing dead.

Swelling under the surface means
that a pressure's building,
Erupting magma this hot
Ends in a good deal of killing.

Obsidian landscape polished down
by the weathering after,
This jungle's hiding jagged glass
And its underlying disaster.

And all the science is useless--
There's just no way of knowing
When to evacuate the town--
So the townsfolk best be going.