the Cave Reverend
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The Dance of the Nympho Nun

Short Song Description:
Nuns are cool dancers on acid. They prefer using moonbeams, clouds, and the sun to the mundane cosmetics favored by the secular female. Their ample garments are intended to be removed very slowly and sensually.
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Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
The Dance of the Nympho Nun

Lookout brother here she comes
Over the convent wall once mass is done.
Wearing that kinky black and white--
A statue waken by the moonlight.

She uses moonbeam eye shadow,
Rouges with the sun,
Powders with a cloud,
Here comes my Nympho Nun.

Counting her tremors on her rosary
As I pull down her hosery
Sacrament of LSD,
Moaning a thousand Hail Marys.

Like a thousand veils,
Her habit slowly comes undone.
Incense and wine perfume her hair--
The dance of the Nympho Nun.