the Cave Reverend
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Get Out Alive

Story Behind the Song:
The Golden Fairy that lives in the bottom of a frosty glass of Miller High Life. Pour enough of it into your stomach and you'll see and hear her.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:

In a café alone, unchaperoned
With an amiable blonde.
Glancing around, and then straight down
I asked, "Miss, just where are you from?"
She said that she hid, and had always lived
In the bottom of a glass of beer.
"But I'm starting to drown, so turn me upside down--
I'm ready to disappear."

If you'll help me, please help me
Get out alive.
Help me, please help me
Just get out alive.

I crawled out of my hovel,
to go find my shovel,
to bury myself alive.
What better place to leave no trace
Than a frozen pool inside
The golden fairy, with the frosted hair, she
Gave me a chrysalis kiss--
Oblivion or delirium?
Her icy whisper on my lips.