the Cave Reverend
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The Cave Reverend

Performance Credits: Zack, the Elder--drums, xylophone, glockenspiel
Long Song Description:
"The Cave Reverend" refers to the fact that today any man of belief and feeling will be driven underground. And if he persists in walking in broad daylight waving his banner of belief, he will be destroyed. Society, to protect itself, must destroy him.

"Heaverend" is of course taken from the Bible--the Book of Heaverend--a LOST book of the Bible--rediscovered by me. It refers to a semi-celestial city, situated half-way between heaven and hell, where an outcaste denied paradise may at least hope to escape the tortures of hell. It is, of course, a symbol for an inner place of refuge, reached only after the most arduous of journeys.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
The pearly gates are shut against
a defrocked Cave Reverend,
A walled mirage in the distance
To a banished Bedouin
Outlawed even in hell
by his branded brethren
So he's trying for heaverend
The Cave Reverend.

At suppertime his place is empty
the unmentioned Cave Reverend
A coward's sleeping in the bed
of an unpentioned veteran.
A blinded nomad in the desert
Abandoned by his caravan
Crawling before dark for heaverend.
The Cave Reverend.