the Cave Reverend
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Born Again Bitch

Performance Credits: Zack, the Elder--drums
Short Song Description:
A woman (all of us), after a decent struggle with life in which she becomes hardened and jaded, opts for a rich old husband and settles back into the easy chair of undeserved wealth but eventually finds it to be not as comfortable as she'd hoped. She sees that our struggles are what gives life meaning and each of us our identity--which if removed (struggle) we lose. (The seams of suffering are smoothed...)
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
Wealth erased her mind as the surgeon did her face
The seams of suffering are smoothed--she's lost without a trace.
Now a posterized generic consort of soft men.
Her body and her mind mirroring her husband's whims

A stranger to herself and all of her old friends.
Striped with convict shadows through her white picket pen.

She's a born again bitch
The suburb's dull so now she'll switch
The housewife for the witch
She's a born again bitch

And the doctor's hand can no longer remove
The scar tissue on her heart, the botox used to soothe.
The hourglass is emptying the hope she long denied
She's tracking footprints in its sands, back to where it died.

She can't remember the last time that she cried
She's walking out the valley of valium at sunrise.

She's a born again bitch
Praying from her Prosac pulpit
Just didn't do the trick
She's a born again bitch.