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Colonel Rabies

Performance Credits: Zack the Elder, drums; Buck, rabid howls
Short Song Description:
A panegyric upon our imprisoned drummer. Never was a man more justly convicted or more foolishly released.
Story Behind the Song:
It's Colonel Rabies.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:
There's our hero, it's Colonel Rabies,
At attention hanging upside down in the trees,
Decorated with scabs and bubonic fleas,
Excuse me Miss, pass the brain damage, please.

Bravely led his men into a cavern,
courageously avoiding the combat,
Fearlessly feasting and drinking
And heroically consorting with the bats.

There's our hero, it's Colonel Rabies,
Surrendered at the first sound of the enemy,
Proudly flew his banner, crawling out on his knees,
Waving his underwear and begging, "Don't hurt me, please!"

Patriots, they gave all they had,
unarmed and on all-fours,
Fatally infecting the opponent,
saving the day and winning the war.