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Rack Zabies

Short Song Description:
Man consists of both good(Zack) and evil (Rabies). Their battle can result in a symbiosis but mostly it wreaks havoc on innocent bystanders--as we walk through he world like Godzilla, gratuitously destroying anything that gets too close.

Story Behind the Song:
The band has a two-headed drummer--Zack the Elder and Colonel Rabies. I glanced at a note written on a music sheet during a session one night and thought it read, "Rack Zabies". The next night I found myself vomiting violently after having too much lemonade and I noticed the noise I was making sounded like "Rack" and was very much like the cry of a Godzilla type monster.
Song Length:
Primary Genre:
Secondary Genre:

He kicks over buildings, rummaging for his ease
A thing with two heads you know, is kinda hard to
An atheist monster praying in braille to believe
His cry levels the skyline--the anguish of Rack Zabies.

Fire-breathing's the monsters mirth,
Earthquakings, when the kitty purrs, Tidal waves, when the dragon yells,
Hurricanes, when the puppy wags his tail.

He stomps on a baby then takes it to the nursery
A Siamese giant's two brains, you know, seldom agree,
He sighs a tornado to release his misery Bi-cameral conscience's contrition on a spree.