the Cave Reverend
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No Man's Land
Get Out Alive

The Cave Reverend
The smell of cigarettes, amplifiers and stale beer.
Nietzsche, Van Gogh, Hendrix and Baudelaire.

The Cave Reverend is a trio from Texas playing rough, raw, rock music accentuated by lyrics of extreme erudition. Blues-based and guitar-driven, yet melodic with a modern sound and message, the Cave Reverend is what rock music was supposed to evolve into.

The Cave Reverend:
Jimmy (guitar, vocals) "Our songs document the self-destruction of our civilization; the hostility of society toward individualism and everything untamed; the fleeting nature of time and the transience of everything that matters to us ; the powerful desire of modern man to return to the safety of an idyllic past. Right? Oh yeah, and about giving mushrooms to beautiful nuns."
Rabies (drums) "Yeeeehaaaww!!! Rock n roll!!"
Buck (bass) "Kiss my ass, white man, sir."--Interview- Public News
" A fire and brimstone sermon by 3 renegade priests." Live review Houston Press